estallar, explotar o hubo

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  1. Hola, foreros,

    Is estallar a good verb to use in conjunction with a fire breaking out at someone's home? Gracias por ayuda. Alberto
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    We use estallar to mean something explodes, but a fire not always stems from an explosion. Instead of estallar, I'd use declarar(se):

    Anoche se declaró un incendio en casa de mi amigo Alberto.

  3. Gracias Carzante. I could not find breaking out as one of the meanings of declarar in my english/spanish dictionary. Sin embargo, it was listed as number 8 in my all spanish dictionary, Clave. That dictionary's example: El incendio se declaró en el sótono. Gracias otra vez. I never would have found it without your help. ¡Que le vaya bien! Alberto

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