estar como para alquilar balcon


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I heard this on a Colombian tv show

El cara a cara de esta semana esta como para alquilar balcon....

it's going to be explosive...?
  • Mackinder

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    Español (Colombia)
    How could we translate this into English?

    Example: ¡El partido Barcelona-Real Madrid va a estar como para alquilar balcón!

    My try: The Barcelona-Real Madrid match is going to kick it/is going to be balcony hiring worthy (or worth hiring a balcony?)!

    Thank you! :)


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    I use 'pay per view' but I'm not sure it's right, so I have the same question. Would it be correct to translate "Es un partido como para alquilar balcón" to this: "It's like a pay per view match"?
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