Estar de necio por los celos

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  1. SoundofReason Senior Member

    I was watching my show and the mom tells her (adult) son,

    "Yo entiendo que estes de necio por los celos"

    Why is it estar de necio and not just estar necio?

    Is there a difference?
  2. The Photographist

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    I believe it means that he is *acting* the fool/foolishly or being foolish rather than saying that he *is* a fool (which would actually be ser necio not estar necio).
  3. Dark Side Member

    I would say neither a thing nor the another one. I would say 'Entiendo que estés loco de celos' (or loco por los celos).
  4. SoundofReason Senior Member


    ahh ok, now that makes sense..thank you!

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