1. toutoucroissant Member

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    Hola a todos! This is my first post, so I hope I do it right...no hablo espanol pero tengo muchos amigos que hablan espanol. One of my friends (a native Spanish-speaker) sent me a message with no context that simply said: "Estas muy buena!" I know the literal translation of this, but does it have other implications? Or does anyone have any idea what he was trying to say? Gracias!!
  2. Bocha

    Bocha Senior Member

    He says he considers you very attractive.
  3. Canito Member


    your friend is telling you that he finds you very atractive physically.
  4. Gato_Gordo

    Gato_Gordo Senior Member

    The Western Pearl
    Spanish - México
    Hola Toutou...

    Welcome to the forum ^_^

    As almost anything else in spanish, It's highly dependant on the context, normally it means: you are very good looking/you are hot.

    But under certain circumstances and in certain places it may very well mean that you are just in good health.

    Saludos ^_^
  5. nekoteru

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    Spanish - CHILE
    "Estas muy buena!" means what you are a beautiful woman that you turn him on. (interest)

  6. Rapek Senior Member

    Here in Colombia, "estás muy buena" is you are hot. When we say "eres muy hermosa", we can use in English "you are very good looking", but there is a significativly difference. I'm in Barranquilla - Colombia and here the people like a lot women very hot, so we say: "Estás muy buena"
  7. toutoucroissant Member

    English - USA
    muchas gracias!! i appreciate it!

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