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  1. Can anyone advise me who is the estate solicitor (in a last will) and what is the difference between estate solicitor and executor? It seems that the estate solicitor is a lawyer and the executor is a person whom the testator has confidence in, but I cannot understand what are their respective tasks. Thanks for help.
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    Estate solicitor is a lawyer who prepares all legal paperwork (contract, deed, trust, etc.) neccessary for a trial or succession.

    An executor is a person appointed by the trustor (in a will or trust) to manage his estate, after his decease.

    The solicitor is generally hired for, and the executor is a family member or someone close.
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    The solicitor may of course be the executor.
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    He may, but:
    1) can't he be somebody else?
    2) is he usually?

    Regards to England,
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    1) Yes

    2) Frequently

    To answer the question posed more fully, when someone dies there are two aspects to be dealt with. One is the legal process of proving the validity of the will, if there is one, and appointing one or more persons to administer the estate, and the other the administration of the estate, that is collecting and distributing the assets and settling the debts. An executor may appoint a lawyer to do either or both. If a lawyer is appointed executor, whilst the role of lawyer and executor are distinct, for all practical purposes they are fused.
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    Thanks for clarifying. Cheers!

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