Este legado se imputará al tercio de mejora ....

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    Hi all,

    I'd really appreciate any assistance with the following phrase from a Spanish will: "Este legado se imputará al tercio de mejora y en cuanto exceda del mismo al de libre disposición"

    I think I've got a sense of the general meaning, that Spanish estates have to be divided into 3 parts of which 2 must go to the family and the third can be dealt with as the testator wishes (although please correct me if I have this wrong!!) and I've researched the terms 'tercio de mejora' (= the third part of the will that can be apportioned to any or all of the heirs?) and 'libre disposición (= the part of the bequest you can do anything you like with?).

    TBH it's the first part that I'm struggling with ('este legadio se imputará a...).

    Here goes with my attempt, anyway:

    "This bequest shall be allocated(???) to the third part of the will which can be apportioned to all or any of the heirs, and insofar as it exceeds the same, to that of the portion of the estate disposable at will".

    Thanks in advance for your help with this!

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    I think you understand it perfectly. I would probably say "attributed" instead of "allocated," but I don't say you are wrong at all. The rest of your translation is magnífico in my opinion.

    Well done.
  3. tatijuanchi New Member

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    Thanks Rob.... :)

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