Estilo indirecto: Órdenes y mandatos

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I came across an exericise which was testing whether (A) the presente de subjuntivo or (B) the imperfecto de subjuntivo was used (the former after un órden o mandato in the presente o perfecto and the latter after the same in the indefinido, imperfecto or pluscuamperfecto).

Unos ejemplos de estos son:
(A) Ana dice: "Sed buenos" --> Ana dice que seamos buenos.
(B) Ana dijo: "Sed buenos" --> Ana digo que fuéramos buenos.

This is all well and good, but they then gave the following exercise:

(C) Ana dijo: "Vete al colegio" --> Ana dijo que te fueras
al colegio.

Now I though that when the direct órden o mandato was in the imperfecto then the indirect was in the impercto de subjuntivo? So I would have said "fueras" in (C). I'm probably wrong so can you help before I make a fool myself writing to the editor and saying there is a mistake when there isn't!

Link for exercises is:
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