Estonian: enam kui vs rohkem kui

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    "Enam kui" and "rohkem kui" are synonyms. I even wrote to keeleabi to check if I am right ( as Estonian is so difficult that even the Estonians cannot always talk it properly). But they also pointed out that in some expressions it is better to replace "enam kui" and "rohkem kui" with other words. Like it is more correct to say "üle poole" than "enam kui pool/rohkem kui pool"... and so on.


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    They come from different dialects.
    "enam kui" is seldom used in standard spoken Estonian. It sounds a bit poetic or official.

    "enam" is mainly used in an expression "enam ei" = "no more".
    E.g. Ma enam ei tee. = I won't do it any more.
    Seal ei olnud enam midagi. = There was nothing left.
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