Estonian: linnaosavanem

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  • Gavril

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    I wonder what the function of a "linnaosavanem" is? My guess: head of the district?
    That's also my best guess so far. I dug around Wikipedia, and I see that the Russian Wikipedia has an explanation of linnaosavanem on this page:

    глава (эст. linnaosavanem) управы городского района (эст. linnaosad). Он назначается городской управой, по представлению мэра, после консультаций с административными советами частей города.

    Google Translate's translation (with a few modifications by me):

    "Head (Estonian linnaosavanem) of the council of the urban area (Estonian linnaosad). He is appointed by the City Council on the presentation of the Mayor, after consultation with the administrative councils of the city."

    Hopefully a fluent Russian speaker will read this and help us out.
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