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I'm on the case of the Estonian adjective 'maise'.

Google translates it as 'earthly', yet when I try to switch the translation over and check for 'earthly' in Estonian, the result does not include 'maise' in the set of answers, the word 'maine' being the closest in resemblance. The two Estonian-English online dictionaries I've tried will not recognize the word.

In my search I've come across the word in a few articles on Estonian Wikipedia, generally of religious and scientific context, as well in the title of a novel by Valmar Adams, "Maise matka poolel teel". My present guess is it could be an archaism of some sort, standing for 'earthly' or 'of Earth', but since I am not familiar with Estonian language whatsoever - the reason of my inquiry being a small Estonian reference in a work of mine - I would like to make sure.
I'll be most grateful for any piece of information on the word - the most accurate translation, its character - especially as seen by a native speaker, and maybe some examples of its use in context.
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    Hello! Problem is that "maise" is not in nominative case. Nominative is "maine" what means terrene, earthborn, Earthy. Word "maise" is same word but on possessive case.
    Yes, that word is more use in religious text and very rare in everyday's communication.
    In example "Minu maine teekond on otsa saanud" (Something that religious dying person will say in deathbed) or "See on mu maise teekonna lõpp". "Maine" is antipode to "heavenly, Paradise". As Christians belive that they will go to heaven, but before that they must live good in "maine elu".
    So "maine teekond (maine elu)" means everyday's life, problems, distractions and etc before hope to arrive in Paradise after death.
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    You're welcome. Both pronunciations but without h in end. "My-se" and "my-ne" if you will pronounce letters as you would do in English.
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