Estonian: past tenses

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  • halfminded

    Estonian, Estonia

    I would like to know how to form the past tenses of verbs:

    [to be]
    has/have been
    had been

    Aitäh! :)
    I`ll try my best with explanation, but as I am having a mayor headache:( and insomnia, then I hope someone will correct the mistakes that I might make.

    was/were- past simple, right?
    I was- ma olin
    you were- sa olid
    he/she was- ta oli
    we were- me olime
    you were- te olite
    they were- nad olid

    (It seems more simple in English;))

    has/have been-present perfect, eh?
    I have been- ma olen olnud
    you have been- sa oled olnud
    he/she have been- ta on olnud
    we have been- me oleme olnud
    you have been- te olete olnud
    they have been- nad on olnud

    (the first part is like "to be" in present and you just add "olnud":))

    had been- past perfect..probably.. :D
    You take past simple of "To be" (olema) and add "olnud". I start to see some kind of pattern here...
    I had been- ma olin olnud
    you had been- sa olid olnud
    he/she had been- ta oli olnud
    we had been- me olime olnud
    you had been- te olite olnud
    they had been- nad olid olnud


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    Svediż tal-Finlandja
    Perfect, halfminded! Your answer, I mean; not your headache and insomnia :(. Have been there myself, not very nice at all :|. Hope it gets better soon!


    Estonian, Estonia
    Hope it gets better soon!
    I hope that too...:)
    And by the way... Suslik, did we reply almost at the same time to this i got a notification that you had replied to this topic, but here isn`t your reply anywhere... Now I am confused...:confused:


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    Estonia, estonian
    yes we replied at the same time, but your reply came first, so when I was done with mine, yours was already here and I thought that it's pointless to leave mine here, because it was same anyway.


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    Estonia, estonian
    and I think I wasn't quick enough, because it takes more time for me, because I have to find letters like õäöü and copy paste them here. I don't have them on my keyboard.
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