Estonian: pikk vs k?rge

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  • halfminded

    Estonian, Estonia
    Could somebody please explain to me the difference in meaning between "pikk" and "kõrge"? Both are found under the "tall" entry. Does the first one rather mean "long" and the latter - "high"?
    Yes, in a way you a right. "Long" really is "pikk" (like for example "pikk tee" (long road)) and "high" is "kõrge" (like for example "kõrge hoone" (high building)).
    I think they are both under the entry "tall", because English "tall" has so many meanings. For example "this boy is tall", which in Estonian is "see poiss on pikk" (when talking about people you can only use the word "pikk":warn:). In English you could also say "these trees are tall", but in Estonian you have to say "need puud on kõrged" ;) ("pikk" is used only for humanly creatures... besides things that are "long")
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