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I hope there is someone out there who is an Estonian speaker! I figure out this is the right section to ask Estonian-related questions in and not the Finnish forum, correct me if I'm not right.

My question: I know the verb "pruugida" is used to mean "consume" as in alcohol, drugs etc. But what other meaning can it have? The sentence I am wondering about is:

"Nooremad mehed on head vormis. Eelis ei pruugi kõigi noormeeste puhul kehtida, kuid üsna kindlalt võib väita, et võrreldes vanema seltskonnaga puhkab silm neid mehi vaadates."

My guess: apply?
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    Oh, this is tricky one :).
    You are right about "pruukima". It means "consume"... BUT... in some contexts " ei pruugi" is understood as "ei tarvitse", which means "might/may not".

    Eelis ei pruugi kõigi noormeeste puhul kehtida= The advantage may not go (apply/work) for all the young men
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