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could you help me with translation of the following phrases in Estonian (from statement of account):

Kaardi valjastamise tasu (No.)

Kaardi (No.) hooldustasu

I guess, it's something about payment by plastic card, but I need more exact answer. There also must be a diacritic in first "a" in "valjastamise", but I don't see it clearly, is it ā or ä.

Thanks in advance!
  • anubyus

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    I think it's something related to making/issuing a new card and the cost of it , but to have a better idea about what you wanna say, you better write those phrases in English.


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    It is indeed
    • kaardi väljastamise tasu -the card's issuing fee
    • kaardi hooldustasu - the card's maintenance fee
    Hope it helps!
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