Estoy enamorada de

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Beauvoir de Simone

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Spanish from Spain.
How could I said "Estoy enamorada de Pepito"? Because I know that in japanese is something like "Simone is in love with Pepito", even Im talking about myself...

I tried to do it by myself and listening in animes from youtube and everyone said different.

Thanks for the help!<3
  • Alkanna

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    ペピトを愛しています/ を愛してる。
    ペピトに惚れてます/ に惚れてる。


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    。。。をあいしています /をあいしてる。
    。。。にほれてます /にほれてる。


    You mean you want to know what the each kanji means?
    Both ペピトを愛しています and ペピトに惚れてます say the same thing, "I love Pepito". Just the latter is normally favored as a man's word.

    As a direct translation for "I'm in love with Pepito", 私はペピトに恋(こい)しています might be closer. But in reality, 愛してる or 恋してる sounds like song lyrics. If you are writing a poem, it's no problem, but if you are writing a message to him, well, I can't tell for sure, but 愛しています might sound too serious, so I'd recommend you to say ペピトが好き(すき)です.
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