Estoy feliz/contenta por ti

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    I am writing back and forth with a girl from Cuba, and she wrote two similar sentences that I understand by itself, but in context I don't understand:
    - Estoy contenta por ti
    - Sabes que estoy feliz por ti

    Now I assumed, word by word, that this would usually mean ''I am happy for you'', but here's the thing, I didn't tell her anything beforehand for her to be ''happy for me'' about!
    Is there another meaning to this?

    Here's part of the second message she sent me so that you can see the context:
    ''...eres realmente una bella persona, cuidate sabes que estoy feliz por ti.''
    And basically, the only thing I had written to her beforehand was something along the lines of ''I hope everything is well for you, have an incredible day'', so I don't get the ''Sabes que estoy feliz por ti'' part...

    thank you for your help
  2. AleRossell

    AleRossell Senior Member

    That is exactly what it means, and it simply used out of courtesy, same as wishing somebody an incredible day.
  3. Joeyjoz New Member

    And why sabes? You know I'm happy for you?
  4. AleRossell

    AleRossell Senior Member

    Correct again. ;)

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