Estuche [de maquillaje]

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  1. yimei Senior Member

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    I have to translate estuche, but [makeup] case just doesn't seem to work. Because "case" makes me think of container or a receptical, or the box or bag that holds makeup.

    Could it also be translated as a makeup kit? Or a makeup set?

    My source texts, come from responses to a brand survey about cosmetics, are as follows:

    1) Es un tanto aburrida no tiene tanto juego de colores para la sombras casi todas son de base lila o morado, los labiales ambos rojos, los estuches también son iguales se parecen mucho en colores, todo esta manejado en el mismo color por sección no es tan alegre y vanguardista
    2) 'por que tiene estuches con gamas de colores
    3) 'por la textura y diseño de sus estuches

  2. Glyndon

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    would the word "kit" help?
  3. loudspeaker Senior Member

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    I think it all depends on the size/shape of the 'estuches'.
    Are they big? Small? Etc
  4. yimei Senior Member

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    I don't know how big they are, I did not receive any images with the translation
  5. loudspeaker Senior Member

    British English
  6. Lis48

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    I would say a make-up set.

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