estudié hasta un bachillerato y me recibí de auxiliar

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    Estoy traduciendo una carta en la cual la escritora está relatando la historia de su vida. Ella es de México, para lo que sirva. Ella escribió lo siguiente:

    "Estudié hasta un bachillerato y me recibí de auxiliar de programador analista.”

    Lo que me confunde un poco es que no entiendo si ella quiere decir que recibió un “bachillerato de auxiliar”, lo que yo entiendo como “associate’s degree”, o si ella recibió algún tipo de título como asistente de un programador analista.

    Mis intentos:

    "I studied up until college, and I received a degree as a program analyst assistant."


    “I studied up until college, and I received an associate’s degree as a program analyst.”

    Como siempre, gracias de antemano
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    I think in Mexico that bachillerato normally refers to the six years of preparatory school just prior to the University level. To complicate things, I think in some parts of Mexico, it is also used to refer to a bachelor's degree that you would get from a University (maybe I've heard this among speakers who also speak English?)

    I can't be sure, but auxiliar de xxx sounds like they either went to a preparatoria that allowed them specialized studies and the auxiliar is the specialized field of study, or this speaker is using the word to mean bachelor's degree and the auxiliar is the equivalent to a minor degree? Maybe the first? Hopefully someone will come along and explain.

    This is a good thread that explains bachillerato in Mexico: Bachillerato en Mexico.
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    Thank you aloofsocialite! That link has helped me understand the Mexican usage of bachillerato. So now I'm thinking the translation might be something like this: "I studied through high school, and I received a certificate/concentration as a program analyst." Alguna sugerencia mas?

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