estudiar materias pedagógicas = pedagogic/pedagogical?

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Cual es el uso en cada caso Pedagogic y pedagogical.

Por ejemplo si tuviera que decir que estoy estudiando materias pedagógicas. ¿cual de los dos términos debería usar?
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    Honestly I would not use either word. Unlike Spanish, the English equivalents are virtually unknown and are not used.

    University students study "teaching methods," "education," etc. Not "pedagogy." At least not in the US.


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    For a scholarly attempt at finding a principleddifference between -ic and-ical,
    see Stefan Th. Gries's "A corpus-linguisticanalysis of English -ic vs -ical adjectives".
    Gries compares, in Table 1, the meanings of the -ic and the -ical forms based on the specificroots polit-, econom-, histor-, class-, lyr-, mag-, com-, electr-, analyt-, logist-, geometr-, numer-, symmetr-, graph-, and problemat-.
    He also presents,in Table 2, a set of general principles that partially differentiatethe two suffixes.
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