1. Akkistarr Member

    English- Canada
    Just a simple comprehension question:

    When you see et.....et...., does it mean "both this and this"?
    (for ex. Je visite et Saskatoon et Regina)
  2. broglet

    broglet Senior Member

    English - England
    precisely :)
  3. konungursvia Banned

    Canada (English)
    In the Latin languages, certain oppositions we find necessary are either weak or absent: Where we say "either... or...." they say "or... or..." ; where we say "both .... and ....." they just say "and..... and....." and our "here" and "there" which seem very very different in English are almost interchangeable in French: " ici," "là".
  4. redsoxiluv Member

    Lyon, France

    Is the et...et construction OK to use in writing? I've heard it quite often in conversation but wasn't sure if it was considered informal, and don't want to use it inappropriately.

  5. Gutenberg

    Gutenberg Senior Member

    Province de Québec, Canada
    français international
    Et... et... are use in French for emphasis. In your example, it
    is to emphasize that both Saskatoon and Regina are visited.

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