et votre bonne humeur!

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Hi everybody,

I'm not sure about the translation of "et votre bonne humeur" into English. The context is a child birthday party book with instructions intended for the parents and a list of things they will need for the various games.

"You willl need:
A scarf
Some pictures
A broomstick
Et votre bonne humeur!"

My try is: "And lots of cheers!" or "And your cheerfulness!"
What do you think about it? Any other suggestion?
The only thing is that it musn't be collloquial.

Thanks a lot.
  • ianmill

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    "And lots of enthusiasm" is OK too but I don't think it conveys the idea that the parents have to be in a "good mood". Have you organised any parties for children's birthdays? Patience is definitely useful.

    I think having an exclamation mark too - Et votre bonne humeur!" - underlines the need for patience.
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