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    "She was watching the eternal flame across the room.

    From "Well-schooled in murder" by Elizabeth George. The only context I have got is that a girl is sitting on a chair inside New Scotland Yard waiting for Inspector Lynley.

    My try : Elle regardait la flamme éternelle de l'autre côté de la salle.

    Except that, neither the French translation nor the original English version make any sense to me.

    Can someone help ?
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    Good spot, Hildy! :thumbsup:

    The current, rather anonymous building, to which the Met moved in 1967, has never commanded the area in the way one might expect of such an establishment. The eternal flame inside the entrance has flickered for decades beside the names of the police officers who have died on duty and its hallway has witnessed the arrival of 11 commissioners and the departures of 10 of them, all with knighthoods to their name.
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    Thanks a lot for enlightening me ! In France, we have something fairly similar, but we call them "flamme du souvenir" and they commemorate those who died for their country on the battlefields rather than police officers who died on duty.
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