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    Hi, i will do a tattoo in a few days.
    I decided to do the Eternity Kanji, and i was searching information about it some weeks ago. My problem is:
    What must i do?
    I know this "letter" is Eternal 永 and i know this other "letter" is distant 遠 and i think both 永遠 are ETERNITY. Is it true?
    Must i do both "letters" or must i do the first one?

    Sorry for my english level! Thank you everyone!
  2. xiaolijie

    xiaolijie Senior Member

    English (UK)
    Either choice is fine but the first "letter" :))) on its own will look much nicer:
    By the way, "Eternity" is just one way of translating it, it can also mean: Always, Forever, etc...
  3. Nobu.0

    Nobu.0 Senior Member

    I think eternity is the primary meaning that people use with this word. In English, people sometimes say "perpetually" to mean always or continually, but they don't use 永遠 in a similar way in Japanese.

    Plus, 永い is also read as nagai, which is the same pronunciation as 長い (means "long"), and means "long". Since the letter 永 sounds much much longer than 長 and it also sounds like you're talking about time being long, 永 has a cooler connotation than 長. But a lot of kanjis in Japanese have several different pronunciations and thus different meanings depending on the context. So there can be some ambiguity in what it would mean if you get just 永 in your tat.

    Whatever it is, I think tats in kanji are hot, you should get one :)

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