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Hello everyone: I have found a great difficulty: I have absolutely no clue about the meaning of "ethics 101", either in general or in the following sentence:

"Scheewind has evinced exasperation with the fascination that the difference between Kant and Mill exerts on contemporary moral philosophers —the obsession with the opposition between consequentialism and non consequentialism that still dominates Ethics 101—" :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:

Does that mean "Ethics as an academic course", as these are sometimes so designed —History of English Poetry 321, for example— in certain universities? I will be glad to have an answer, because I find it unfoundable.

Thanks to all.

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    Ethics 101 refers to the first basic course in ethics that a student would take in the university, as opposed to Ethics 300 or 400 (a higher level course). He's referring to elementary ethics, I guess.
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