Ethyl chromide

  • Chromide, meglio conosciuto come Orange Chromide, dalle mie ricerche è risultato essere questo simpatico pesciolino tropicale.
    Che ethyl chromide sia lo stesso pesciolino dopo aver fatto baldoria con gli amici? :)
    Avvallo la tesi di fitter.happier.
    No, it is not a fish , it is a chemical compound maybe it is a misprint I just wanted to make sure.
    Ciao! La traduzione di ethyl chromide, sarebbe Cromuro di etile, ma dubito fortemente che questa specie esista o possa mai esistere . Penso si tratti un refuso per Ethyl chloride (cloroetano).
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    As far as I know, chromides exist only as binary compounds between chromium and other metals.
    Chromates are more common, but I'm not sure if they exist as organic compounds.
    The most probable are ethyl chloride C2H5Cl and ethyl bromide C2H5Br, also known as chloroethane and bromoethane. You need to do some research; chlorides and bromides are similar substances, so "chromide" sounds like a confusion between the two. Still, don't exclude ethyl chromate.