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    I am working on a Spanish to English translation of the instructions for a database made up primarily of images of primary sources. The expression ¨Etiquetas del conjunto¨ seems to be in the section about how to identify images ( ¨Subir Imagenes¨, ¨La carpeta seleccionada no se encuentra disponible¨) though the document in Spanish just consists of a list of expressions and vocabulary and therefore provides very little specific context. I came up with ¨tags for the set¨ or ¨set tags¨ though neither one is really very convincing !

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    It's hard to tell without more context, but I think you should consider "labels" instead of "tags"
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    Thank you very much for your suggestion about etiqueta, Imgutie. It would perhaps be easier to translate conjunto de etiquetas so I am going to ask for more context! Thanks again ! LaTapada

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