Etymologic Reconstruction: All Old Iranian Prefixes

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    I intend to reconstruct ancient roots for a couple of Kurdish words. But I really need a list of ancient Iranian prefixes and suffixes-with their possible sense indeed- in order to achieve this goal. For example for Kurdish "zivir-" (~ "return") an Old Iranian form such as "uz-vart-*" is suggested (also cf. Sogdian "zwar-" in the same sense). It is believed that the Old Iranian prefix "uz-" means something like "out". There are examples such as "penem-" ~ "swell" or "perjh-" ~ "occupy; business" which I can contemplate their etymologies thanks to their cognates in other Iranian language which are already reconstructed.

    But there are some other examples that do not possess specific cognates in other Iranian languages (or at least I am unaware of them), so I reconstruct their etymologies as follows: "pisu" ~ "sense" <? "pati-saw*", "shipirz" ~ "mess" <? "ush-parz-*", "nige" ~ "desire" <? "ni-gata*", "truske" ~ "glow" <? "ut-rauk-s-ka*". But I actually do not know what exactly "pati-" would imply or "ush-", "ni-", "ut-" and so on. Also I think there are still some prefixes of which I am not aware. So I will be most grateful if you could provide me an inclusive list of Old Iranian prefixes with their possible significances (I will start another thread for the sake of the suffixes later on).

    Many thanks in advance.
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    There is a good survey of the prefixes and suffixes in Avestan in the last section of Jackson’s Avesta grammar (you can find this on the internet). The verbal prefixes are listed on pp. 209 sqq.
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    Thanks for your guidance professor.

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