Etymology: Ketchup

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NZ - English

I was wanting to know the origins of the word ketchup. I do not use this word for I live in New Zealand so I am assuming it may have something to do with the United States.
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    Southern AE greatly modified by a 1st-generation Scottish-American mother, and growing up abroad.
    I heard it was a condiment in Indonesia called Ketjap-- or was it India? Ah, here it is. Have a browse around this site-- it's a big favorite here. By the way, Malay is a language group-- I'm not sure that the etymology excludes Indonesia as the place the actual condiment comes from. Which would account for my Dutch-looking transcription.


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    Australia English
    In Australia, ketchup is called tomato sauce
    Tomato sauce is commonly put on hot chips (french fries), meat pies and pasties.
    Most of the time, people just say "sauce".
    A pie and sauce
    Do you like sauce or gravy with your chips?

    Heinz sells "Heinz Ketchup" in Australia, but everyone says "tomato sauce".

    Tomato sauce can also mean tomato-based sauces for spaghetti, and the like.
    If you asked for "spaghetti with tomato sauce", they would not give you ketchup.
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