Etymology of 'सागर (sāgara)'

El Ganador

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India - Hindi and English
'सागर' is a word for the sea in Hindi and in Sanskrit (maybe in other Indian languages as well).

I would like to know its etymology.

The only clue I have is that there was a king named 'सगर (sagara)' (distinct from सागर (sāgara)), and his name seems to mean 'one who is born with poison (poison being 'गर')'.

Does anyone know whether these words are related or otherwise know the etymology of 'सागर (sāgara)'?
(I tried looking in Wiktionary, but it doesn't tell the PIE roots or any explanation other than 'the word comes from Sanskrit').
  • Is there a link to a website or is it a book?

    If it is a website, please give the URL. It seems interesting to explore.