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  1. mojobadshah Senior Member

    I know decussata means X in Latin, but what is its etymology and cognates in Persian and other languages?
  2. akhooha Senior Member

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    It does not mean X. It means "shaped like an X".
    "from Latin decussatus, past participle of decussare 'divide crosswise', from decussis (describing the figure X, i.e., the Roman numeral for the number 10), from decem 'ten'." (
    What makes you think it has cognates in Persian? (I suppose you could say that "ده" ("doh" = ten) would be cognate and other languages with Indo-European roots for "ten" I suppose could also be considered cognate...)
  3. CapnPrep Senior Member

    Yes, and more completely, decussis is from decem + as, i.e. "10 units/parts". It seems highly unlikely to me that Persian would have a cognate compound.
  4. ancalimon Senior Member

    Interesting. So what's the link between "number ten" and this X cross? Maybe there were 10 templar leaders?
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  5. Angelo di fuoco Senior Member

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    The Romans used letters for numbers: I (1), V (5), X (10), L (50), C (100), D (500), M (1000). I, II, III are quite obvious, C (centum) & M (mille) are clear, too. I imagine 500 has the prefix demi- (half) in it. I'm not able to figure out the nexus between the first V, X & L and their respective numbers.
    I think that the X cross is what comes closest to the ideal structure of the Roman city with cardo (North-South axe) and decumanus (West-East axe) as the principle streets, cutting the square city into four equal parts.
  6. CapnPrep Senior Member

    See the Wikipedia article: Roman numerals. The assimilation of the numeral symbols with letters of the Latin alphabet was apparently a later development.
  7. Barsac Senior Member

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    V is the image of a hand with 5 fingers. X is a compound of two V, so there are ten fingers.
  8. sotos Senior Member

    The cross is the symbol of 10 in chinese, too. It may imply two hands put together.
  9. ancalimon Senior Member

    The cross shape is also related with number ten (ON) in ancient Turkic culture. Although it's very complicated to explain it.

    This equilateral cross was first used in Central Asia and through there it reached Armenia.
  10. fdb Senior Member

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    French (France)
    recte: dah < Old Persian daϑa < IE *dekm
  11. akhooha Senior Member

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    Thanks for the correction. I don't know Persian and was just going by what I'd remembered hearing years ago from Persian friends. I'd obviously misheard and was maybe subconsciously rhyming it with "noh"...
  12. mojobadshah Senior Member

    I was curious if there was a Persian cognate or even synonym for the galactic cross of Zoroastrianism which I presume is the cross said to be found on west Iranian coins. This mark is found on the consecrated Dron (cf. Dinner) bread used to drive away evil and I suppose death. It made its way into Mithraism at the banquet scene, and into Christianity as the bread and body for Jesus was the bread (Gk. artos ?Skr. arts Av. Asha) of life and heaven.
  13. mojobadshah Senior Member

    The galactic cross is the globulus curciger.
  14. akhooha Senior Member

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    I think you mean globus cruciger.
  15. mojobadshah Senior Member

    Yeah, sorry.
  16. mojobadshah Senior Member

    The globulus crucifer developed out of the leontocephalion figure standing on the globe with cross.
  17. akhooha Senior Member

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    *globus cruciger

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