Etymology of Persian مرموز/secretive

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  • Mahaodeh

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    Arabic, PA and IA.
    If it is from Arabic, then it would be from رمز , plural رموز, that means insignia ; logo ; mark ; sign ; symbol.

    How it became 'secrete', I can't be sure, but if it is then maybe because if you want something secret you are not going to spell it out in words?


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    How it became 'secrete',
    Yiu are right, رمز doesn’t mean secret per se, rather a secret sign, code e.g. a sequence of gestures or numbers etc. In fact I asked the question because the Arabic meaning didn’t quite match how we use it in Persian, although مرموز & رموز clearly have Arabic constructions, sometimes in Persian non Arabic words get treated with Arabic rules, e.g. استاد becomes اساتید, although this may not be the best example but I can’t think of a better one at the moment.
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