Etymology of "pii"

Discussion in 'Suomi (Finnish)' started by esise, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. esise New Member

    British English
    Can anyone give me the etymology of this word? For those who doesn't know, it means "silicon".
  2. porkkanaraaste Member

    From Proto-Uralic *pije. Meanings of cognates in different Uralic languages include: stone, flint, glass, ore, mountain. Possibly related to pii "tooth, prong" from PU *piŋe.
  3. esise New Member

    British English
    Cool, then pii is a bit like a calque, because the word "silicon" came from "silicium", the name proposed by the English chemist Humphry Davy, which comes from the Latin "silex", so I've read.

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