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Any ideas as to what the origins of this word شلباطو shalbaaTo might be? It's a Levantine dish made with bulgur and fried vegetables.
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    I could swear the verb شلبط shalbaT meant "to mix up; to scramble" in Levantine, which could make شلباطو a derivative of it -- compare the general-Arab dish مخلوطة makhluuTa lit. "mixed up", from خلط "to mix".

    However, I can't find that meaning anywhere online. The only thing close (after searching for شلبط، تشلبط، متشلبط, all of them possible derivatives) was these two second-page Google results for مشلبط:
    على طول من نخعة في راسي وقعت مشلبط بالرديف فعال المجنون هههههههههه
    اوكي بس ما تظلمو عشان التجربه حتكون قاسيه حيكون وشو مشلبط زي ما انت شايف
    (I don't 100% get the first one, but the second is "Okay, but don't victimize him, because this try's going to be rough -- his face is going to get all [mshalbaT] as you can see"), given the dearth of confirmations, that doesn't seem plausible. Its common meaning instead seems to be "to be stuck on [a person/lover]", but I was also able to find (1) a page defining it as "to mutter" and (2) a Tweet defining تشلبط as "to climb"... I can't really see a link to food in any of those.

    Can anyone suss something out, or would شلبط just be a red herring?
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    سبب تسميتها لصعوبة تقشير الكرنب لأن القشرة قاسية بيقولو من صعوبة تقشير الكرنب انشل باطو
    انشل باطو : his armpit was paralyzed
    If this etymology is really correct then this would make it similar to حراق اصبعو the one who burned his finger


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    In Dozy's Supplément aux dictionnaires arabes, شلبط is "bégayer, balbutier" to stutter, to stammer
    In Tunisian (regional), شلبط is to climb and شلباطة is vine