Etymology of the Spanish name Anjara

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    I'm wondering about the origin of the feminine name Anjara. According to the name data on Spain's Instituto Nacional de Estadística it began appearing in Madrid and the Canary Islands in the 1980s. I wonder if it could be connected to the Welsh name Angharad, the name of the British actress Angharad Rees, who starred in the BBC series "Poldark" in the 1970s. According to Wikipedia the series was also broadcast in Spain. Interestingly, Demelza (the name of the character Angharad Rees played) and Demelsa began appearing in the Spanish name data in the 1970s, and Angharad itself first appeared in the 1980s.

    Could Anjara be a Hispanized form of Angharad? You can listen to the pronunciation of Angharad on Forvo.

    Some websites claim Anjara to be a Cantabrian name, though I believe that's due to confusion with the real Cantabrian name Anjana. Anjara doesn't appear in the name data for Cantabria until the 2000s.

    Thanks in advance. I appreciate any help in tracking down the origin of this name.
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    There is Tagalog name "ang-gara" written as Angara. It means possession of good qualities. Gara is old Tagalog word where name (Ngaram=ngalan) originated.

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