"eu mi-s divină" vs. "eu sunt divină"


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Hi all,

What is the difference between 'eu mi-s' and 'eu sunt' when used in front of an adjective?

Lyrics from the song Miss Boboc:
Eu mi-s divină
Lângă tine mă simt mereu ca o regină

Does "eu mi-s divină" mean "I am divine", and if so, what is the difference in nuance/usage between that and "eu sunt divină"?

Thank you. :)
  • farscape

    mod-errare humanum est
    Eu mi-s (eu sunt) - regional dialect (Banat, Ardeal).

    Probably a contraction from Eu îmi sunt(?). "Eu/Ei îs" instead of "eu/ei sunt" is in use in that region too.

    As a FYI, also in the same dialect, one could have:

    Eu mi-s di vină (eu sunt de vină - It's my fault).

    P.S. You may want to use other sources of contemporary spoken/written Romanian - the silly lyrics from Corina are confusing at best.