Eu nu pot să cred că ai părăsit mi-ai fund.

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    Hello, I'm writing a book and I just want to make sure I am using this language correctly before I send it off to my editor. The line is currently written as:

    "Eu nu pot să cred că ai părăsit mi-ai fund!"

    Which is supposed to mean:

    "I can not believe you left me, you ass/jerk!"

    If this is right, awesome, but if its not could someone please give me a correct translation in Romanian? I love the language but I don't know enough to translate without any problems. <<<...edited...>>>

    Please, fluent speakers only.

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  2. Trisia

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    Welcome to the forum.

    We wouldn't translate the "I" in Romanian, so cut the "Eu" bit.

    "Nu pot să cred că m-ai părăsit, [...]!"

    Your last word there is a literal translation of ass/bottom, so it doesn't work at all. I'd use "ticălosule" (approximately jerk/bastard). It only works if the character is shouting at a man, by the way (you forgot to mention who's talking at who).
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    Thank you so much! This really solves all my problems. :)
    Also, it's a girl shouting at a boy so your correction is right.
    Thanks again.
  4. viuchi Senior Member

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    Or: "Nu-mi vine să cred că m-ai părăsit, nenorocitule!"
  5. stormzor New Member

    sau "nenorocito" daca spunea că este fată.

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