Eu quase que nada não sei.

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  1. ludeosue Banned

    Então tá, então
    Eu quase que nada não sei. Mas desconfio de muita coisa
    "Pedras no caminho? Guardo todas, um dia vou construir um castelo
    Existem 10 tipos de pessoas: aquelas que entendem de binários e aquelas que não

    please translate these for me
  2. Denis555

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    Brazilian Portuguese
    Hi Ludeosue, I was one of them....

    You should have a look at the rules here.
    5. Strict limits on translation and homework help. No proofreading.
    These forums respond to specific questions about text. They do not provide free translations. They do not provide proofreading and rewriting of texts. Thus, discussion should center on the word or phrase in the thread title. Additional source text is accepted only as context; please do not submit it for translation or proofreading.
    Help with schoolwork will be given only if you post your own translation/interpretation first.
  3. ludeosue Banned

    but at the entrance to the portuguese forum it says "Questions about Portuguese, or translations between Portuguese and any other language, except for Spanish.

  4. patriota Senior Member

    Denis555, as frases que ele quer saber são as assinaturas de usuários deste mesmo fórum (inclusive a da Vanda :p ), então acredito que não haja problema em ajudá-lo, desde que pergunte uma de cada vez, em tópicos separados.
  5. ludeosue Banned

    Sure,patriota is right,I saw these sentences in other user's signature...And I understand written portuguese...but cannot speak it...
  6. ludeosue Banned

    Os fins não justificam os e-mails
  7. patriota Senior Member

    ludeosue, please don't make posts complaining that people are taking too long to reply to you. Just wait. It may take days. We are just humans doing you a favor.

    À moderação: Por favor, dividir o tópico se for apropriado.
    All right, then.
    I don't know almost anything... but I have a lot of "suspicions" (in other words, I don't "know" for sure, but I think that I have a decent knowledge about some things).
    "Stones in my path"? I'll keep all of them to build a castle (that's a reference to a poem about a "stone" that some guy stumbled on - something that messed up with his life, according to a popular interpretation)
    There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.
    A pun on "Os fins justificam os meios" ("The ends justify the means").
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