Eu sunt speranța ta....

Discussion in 'Română (Romanian)' started by Calvinora, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Calvinora New Member

    Hi all,

    Something she wrote me and I don't quite get it.
    Can somebody translate this correctly for me, please.
    I'd be much appreciated.
    Thank you all.

    Eu sunt speranța ta, iubirea pe care nu o găsești la cei din jur. Hai, zboară cu Mine, în iubirea Mea vei cunoaște lucrurile care le am pregătite pentru tine. Nu-ți fie frică, Eu nu voi pleca
  2. AnnaJDT

    AnnaJDT Senior Member

    It means: "I am your hope, the love you don't find in the ones around you. Come, fly with Me, in My love you will meet the things I have prepared for you. Don't be afraid, I will not leave you."

    Looks like you made a good impression upon someone if they are writing love poems for you.
  3. Calvinora New Member

    Thank you very much Anna !

    I think I know what to do now:)

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