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    When you you give a written speech or address, in behalf of a group, as a tribute to a live person in a ceremony for the same purpose (to honor him/her), would you call it an eulogy? "Eulogy" seems to give an impression that the person is dead. What will be a better word or phrase for it?
    Thank you.
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    I think that today we do associate 'eulogy' with death -- so much so that we can use it as a metaphor for death, or the end of something.
    Don't Write Windows' Eulogy Yet
    It took years to build the Windows empire, and Microsoft won't stand idly by watching it be dismantled.
    However, it seems that in the past eulogy didn't have this narrow association, and was used for any spoken praise. For instance, in 1895 The Spectator published a Eulogy on Needlework, which explains the good effect of needlework on the character of women.

    Today, however, you would probably do better to use one of the synonyms listed on this page. :)

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