Eun-Suh (?)

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Hello, I would need help reading a few sentences from the 1999 Korean movie, "The Ring Virus".
I already know their meaning in English, and I have already managed to some-how read them, I would just like to know, whether I did it wrong, and how I should read them correctly. So, in other words, I need a help on how the sentence actually go in Korean.

Sentence 4 (actually, just a name):

I take this name is Eun-Suh, but it doesn't look hangeul to me. Is it hanja?

Thanks in advance for your time and understanding. ;)

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끝나자 본것는, 아니면 죽을아 몇살 것이다
이것을 본것는, 일 주일후 이니번에 죽는다
살고 싶으신, 이것을 복사해야 본것는 주그안에

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    That looks like the character pronounced "eun," meaning "grace" or "mercy." There is nothing else there, though, that would correspond to "suh."
    I agree with Suho1004.
    The character Eun (은, 恩) means 'mercy', 'favor' or 'blessing' and it is often used in girls' names.

    But I don't see any 'Suh' in the pic.
    'Eun' is the only character which appears there.
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