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Discussion in 'Other Languages' started by germinal, May 16, 2005.

  1. germinal

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    Which language has the fastest speed of delivery?

    When I listen to German on the news on radio it seems to have quite a leisurely pace, French seems much faster and Spanish (at least on Radio Exterior de España - Todo Noticias) seems to be the most rapid.
    I wonder if these and other languages have been compared scientifically?
    What is your impression of English delivery?

    Germinal. :)
  2. Whodunit

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    Well, on the news, English is leisure, too, I think. But when I listen to native speakers (in front of me - i.e. not on the news), it seems to be very rapid. And you're right that German is sometimes drawled.
  3. JLanguage Senior Member

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    It really depends on the speaker, but I guess if you're comparing the delivery of professional speakers than it might be a little more accurate. There girls in some of my classes that speak so rapidly that sometimes I can even follow what their saying. They also seem to favor using the most annoying Valley Girl manner of speech.
  4. Marcus

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    I'm pretty sure that the leading for the fastest spoken language is between spanish and italian, at least referring on european languages. English people usually speak slow and clear.

    But! My belief is that american english is one of the fastest spoken languages, they just love to shorten words, reducing most of them to simple initials. Something like UCLA, USA, MBA, etc...

    I don't know how fast can chinese or japanese speak, in my ears sounds very quick, but it's by a matter of understanding, that I couldn't tell.

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