Euskara: Aupa zuele!

China Girl

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Can anyone advise of the meaning of this phrase? I can find "aupa" in various online dictionaries but cannot find zuele anywhere.

It appears in a handwritten letter which is mostly in Spanish with occasional Basque phrases. It is written by a non-native speaker (not Spanish or Basque).

I cannot provide further context due to the confidential nature of the letter.

Any help appreciated.
  • inorez

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    "Zuele" doesn't mean anything in Basque.

    As the writer of the letter was a non-native speaker, I would guess they were trying to say one of the following:

    "zu ere" = you also [singular you]

    "zuei e" = to you, eh [plural you] <<this 2nd one is less likely, but perhaps if the handwriting is unclear...

    So (depending on the exact context) something along the lines of "Hurrah to you [too]!".


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    Another possibility (and this actually seems more likely) is that the handwritten "le" is actually a "k", making the phrase "Aupa zuek!" ("zuek" = second person plural).