Euskara: Bazkaria prestatzen dudanean aterako naiz zurekin

pere prlpz

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I found the sentence "Bazkaria prestatzen dudanean aterako naiz zurekin" in an online test (EUSKARA_06 ), but I can't make sense of how verbal tenses work in the two parts of this sentence. For me, the translation of the sentence is "When I prepare the meal, I'll go out with you", but this doesn't make much sense to me because you can't go out while preparing meal (unless you can cook and walk at the same time). I would expect the sentence to mean that I'll go out after preparing the meal, but I'd expect that to be "Bazkaria prestatu dudanean aterako naiz zurekin", not "prestatzen dudanean" that I understand as simultaneous with going out.

What am I missing?
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    I agree that seems to be what it's saying: prestatu dut = I have prepared, prestatzen dut = I am preparing; and I can't see how embedding it in a relative clause can affect that.


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