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Can anyone advise on the meaning of the term "hacer el bidegorri".

This appears in a letter I am translating from Spanish to English. The writer is a female from the Basque region and occasional Basque words are used.

I have found the meaning of bidegorri to be related to bicycles in some way. Google translate suggests "Chief".

The context is as follows. The letter writer is talking about something that happened while she attended an (unspecified) protest.
"Me encontre con un amigo y me dijo "no vamos a hacer el bidegorri". Me quede extranada."

It is possible that one person is telling the other that a bike ride is not going to happen, but I am wondering if this term has a more colloquial meaning that I am not aware of.
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    "Bidegorri" is the basque word for a bike lane, a specific path only for cyclists. As for the meaning of the sentence, I think it's maybe that they aren't going to build a bike lane somewhere, but depending on the context it could be that the people talking aren't going to use it.


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    2 remarks: bidegorri is used for both bikes and walkers/runners in the Basque country. It means "red path" after bide=way and gorri=red
    Depending on the context, it might well be that the speaker has the intention to walk/run/ride in the bidegorri. It's the commonest expression when we go for a walk to do exercise or reach the amount of steps fixed as daily milestone.