Eve straight cut?


1. What are "Eve Straight Cut", "Pauline Slim Cut" shown below?


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Guess you have been wondering where's the shopping spree for Dec 05' and Jan 06' ya ? Ahhh... well, i'm too lazee to take pics of it. Basically, it's the stuffs that are listed below...

- Fox Wms Brown cargo shorts
- New Bio Contact Lens
- Nokia 7370
- White Nike Shoulder Bag
- Chinese New Year top
- Levis Pauline Slim Cut ( for new year )
- Levis Eve Straight Cut ( for sis but ended up too small, so it's mine =B )
- More accessories...

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    They are just different 'fits' of jeans.

    i.e. slim cut as opposed to baggy

    Different jeans manufacturers use different words to describe their cuts.


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    These are names that Levi's has given two styles of clothing. "Slim cut" and "straight cut" should describe the styles of jeans; they added the women's names to refer to these particular styles. "Slim cut" would fit close to the body; "straight cut" jeans have legs that appear to be the same width all the way down.

    There are no jeans in the picture. There is no White Nike Shoulder Bag there either. The only one that matches is the brown cargo shorts; perhaps that is a Chinese New Years top, though I wouldn't recognize it. I suspect that your correspondent either sent the wrong picture or didn't intend the list to match the picture.

    You could write and ask her.
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