Even and Odd years

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  1. KarenPM New Member

    Hello Guys,

    I have some documents in english to review regarding of parental agreements for children visitation to the parents during the year, dates, etc... so I found a couple of terms that says:

    "Even year" and "Odd year"

    Could someone tell me what's the meaning of those terms in spanish?... thanks!
  2. S.V.

    S.V. Senior Member

    Español, México
    par y non

    2017 odd
    2018 even
    2019 odd
    2020 even

    Este año la navidad con la madre, el siguiente con el padre, etc.
  3. quethibum

    quethibum Senior Member

    Castellano peruano
    O "par" e "impar" (años pares, años impares)...
  4. KarenPM New Member

    Thanks very much!
  5. NickL

    NickL Senior Member

    English - Britain
    Agree with all the above.
    A note about the thread title:
    "Odd and even". Never "Even and odd".

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