Even I have my limits when it comes to the tambourine.

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Dear friends,

I feel confused trying to understand the following dialogue from the episode 3 season 2 of Australian series "Miss Fisher Murders Mysteries". It's past century 30-ies. The speakers are two pretty old ladies who meet each other after some period of time, one of the ladies is a member of local Temperance Society.

- Oh, we have a thriving local chapter here, darling. You must come to a meeting.
- I must confess, Hilly, even I have my limits when it comes to the tambourine.

I can see astonishment in her eyes (means she doesn't really want to come), but have no clue what does it have to do with the tambourine?

Thank you!
  • kool-wind

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    British English
    I haven't seen this series but I would guess that Temperance Society meetings typically involve singing accompanied by rudimentary music.

    The lady who doesn't want to go is jokingly referring to the tambourine as being the thing that represents her limit, so she can't go.

    suzi br

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    English / England
    I haven't seen the series but the line alone made my laugh, with no context! It is meant to be funny and maybe draws on a stereotype of a dull activity which one might find at a temperance meeting.
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