even occurs outside of football season


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Others of us come equipped with a somewhat more basic emotional vocabulary that, much to the chagrin of our romantic partners, consists primarily of good, not so good, and I already told you. If our expressive deficit is so profound and protracted that it even occurs outside of football season, we may be diagnosed with alexithymia, which literally means “absence of words to describe emotional states.”
(Stumbling on Happiness; D. Gilbert)

This must have been intended to be some kind of a joke whose logic went right over my head (and keeps going over my head every time I read it). Would you be so kind as to explain it to me (if anything I would have expected 'during' instead of 'outside of')?

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    It means something like this.

    Men do not express their emotions well. If even when football is not in season this occurs (in other words while football is in season, men get so involved in following football that they do not express any feelings to their partner) then the man in question may be diagnosed with alexithymia.
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