Even television, in small doses, is typically innocuous.

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Hi, I cannot understand the meaning of the red part in the following sentences, from "Magoosh GRE vocal eBook". Would you please explain it to me. Thanks a lot.

Something innocuous is harmless and doesn’t produce any ill effects. Many germs are innocuous. As are
most bug bites. Even television, in small doses, is typically innocuous. Innocuous can also mean
inoffensive. An innocuous question is unlikely to upset anyone.
  • Glenfarclas

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    A "dose" is an amount of medicine that a person takes. Figuratively, it can apply to consuming a certain amount of something else -- in this case, television. Watching five or ten minutes might be a "small dose" of television.
    While you didn't question this, I think the real key here is the use of "Even."

    1. (intensifier; used to suggest that the content of a statement is unexpected or paradoxical): even an idiot can do that.
    So, "Even television..." means something like: Since television is widely regarded by many as being harmful (perhaps intellectually dulling or stultifying), let me deliberately point out that well known case and say it can't be so harmful that just little bits of it from time to time, like small doses of medicine will cause any damage, since small doses can be innocuous.
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