even through the haze


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She started to climb in the car, but he reached out and folded his fingers over hers on the car door. She didn’t pull away, neither did he. It was only a moment, but it mattered. He could tell, even through the haze.

Source: This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

Does 'even through the haze' mean: even if it's not totally clear, he still knows that this moment matters ?

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    A haze could mean either (WR dictioinary):

    a mass or collection in the atmosphere of very fine, widely spread solid or liquid particles that give the air a milky white appearance: The mountain was barely visible through the haze.
    a confused state of mind; daze: After the accident the victims were still in a haze.

    Your passage doesn't tell us which meaning applies here. Was there something earlier to suggest that there was a physical haze? Or that he was dazed?
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